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07 May

Question: Can I settle my Michigan Workers Compensation Case and how much is it worth? Answer: Yes you can, if the Insurance company is agreeable. It happens all of the time and in about 95% of all cases. They are usually evaluated as per a number of years of future years of workers compensation benefits….

12 Oct

National Ranking Report- Social Security Disability ODAR by Average Processing Time as of 3/30/12 Rank Hearing Office Processing Time 7 Oak Park, Michigan 250 days 32 Lansing, Michigan 292 days 33 Detroit, Michigan 293 days 35 Livonia, Michigan 295 days 43 Flint, Michigan 317 days 111 Toledo, Ohio 372 days 130 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 390…

07 Oct

Dear Clients: FYI…. We will no longer know the judge that is assigned to your case until we enter the court room. This per new Social Security Administration rulings. While we feel this is unfair and not in the best interests of our clients, the Social Security Administration is trying to protect claimants from out…

27 Aug

Please contact our firm before you settle your workers compensation claim directly with the insurance company. They rarely advise claimants about attendant care beneftits or other very important rights that you have under the workers compensation act.

08 Aug

Hello to All….