If you feel that you are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained as the result of negligence or an accident, call the personal injury law firm of The Law Offices of David Zimmerman in Sterling Heights, MI. Our law firm has already helped thousands of individuals and their families in Michigan with cases involving wrongful death, disability, dog bite wounds, birth injury, auto accident injury, and medical malpractice throughout Michigan. Our attorneys are here to help you too. Some types of personal injury cases that our attorneys have litigated include:

  • Dog bite and other animal attacks
  • Auto accidents, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Boat and boating related accidents
  • Construction site accidents, both non-employee and employee
  • Birth defects, trauma, disability, and other medical malpractice claims
  • Wrongful death

What is General Negligence?

General negligence is a term used to describe a personal injury resulting from the acts of another. Injuries may include physical and bodily harm, mental and emotional distress, defamation of character and reputation, deterioration of close personal relationships, property damages, and financial losses. As members of society, we all have a duty of care to avoid actions which may hurt others. When a person fails to act in reasonable manner that protects others from harm, and injuries occur, this is negligence. To right the wrong, the injured person, or plaintiff, may then be entitled to damages — the monetary value of the injuries — by proving that the personal injury suffered was the result of the defendan's negligent acts. Unfortunately, in reality, it is not always this simple. Call The Law Offices of David Zimmerman for help if you've been injured.

Our attorneys will navigate this complex legal system in Michigan and get the justice YOU deserve.

Types of General Negligence Explained:

Personal Injury or Disability

Injuries or impairment suffered personally. This could be physical, such as a broken bone, or this could be mental or emotional, such as the strain placed on close personal relationships. A personal injury lawyer can help you fight for your rights against those who have caused you harm.

Dog Bite Injury

Wounds as the result of a dog attack. Although we treat them as part of the family, a dog is still a predatory animal and will attack for any number of reasons. Owners may be liable for these bite attacks. Children, especially, should be taught safety rules for interacting with any dog, known and unknown. An negligence attorney skilled in these types of cases can help see to it that you get rightly compensated for the physical and emotional pain suffered.

Wrongful Death

A grievance to those, typically close relatives, who depended on the deceased for financial and/or emotional support. A death may be deemed wrongful if it is found to have been directly caused by the negligence of another. Wrongful death claims are very complex. A wrongful death attorney can help you steer through the legal maze during this very difficult time.

Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Injuries resulting from the acts or omissions of a health care provider. Some medical malpractice claims include birth defects, disability, physical impairments, pain and emotional distress. A medical malpractice lawyer, trained in medical malpractice cases like these, can help you to get the money you need to care for your injuries.

Auto Accidents

A collision involving one or more vehicles - car, truck, motorcycle - or other objects, that results in injury. If the automobile accident was caused by another driver, and you are injured, representation by an auto accident lawyer can help you fight the insurance companies that may want to settle your claim for less than you deserve.

Construction Accidents and Injuries

Harm sustained by non-employees at a construction site or construction accident. Injuries sustained by construction workers are handled under workers' compensation laws. The attorneys at David Zimmerman are skilled and experienced in representing you in both situations.

The Law Firm of David Zimmerman

Proving that your personal injury is the direct result of someone else's negligence can be very complicated. To make matters worse, insurance companies have little or no compassion for the injured person or their family. Plus, they have resources that can put the injured person in financial straits trying to fight. Our personal injury lawyers are here to create a level playing field so that the law works in your favor.

The Law Firm of David Zimmerman, serving all of Michigan, is a specialty-service firm, with a number of sub-specialties all related to disability and personal injury law. Our personal injury/accident attorneys represent the Michigan individuals and families that have been injured, never insurance companies. When you are looking for a specialty law firm that works on serious injury, don't settle for less than an attorney that has handled your specific type of claim many times before. Let our lawyers help guide you through the system. Call toll-free for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Call our attorneys today for justice.

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