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Clickable Hearing Site Map for the State of Michigan Click on the map, then click on the county where the injury occurred to find the hearing site location where a hearing will be scheduled.

Workers Compensation Agency (WCA) Travel Reimbursement Rates

These rates are used for reimbursement to injured employees in Michigan.

State Of Michigan Weekly Average Wage Chart

WCA Michigan State Average Weekly Wage Chart (SAWW)

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Workers' Compensation FAQs for State of Michigan Residents

Note: The answers provided at the link are not meant to be a substitute for Michigan workers' compensation legal advice.

State of Michigan Employment Assistance Programs

The following informational links will help Michigan citizens facing economic hardship find the services they need. Click on the links below that describe the help you're seeking.

Medcaid Department of Community Health

State of Michigan

U.S. Government

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA)

Online Services

Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Michigan and MARVIN
Michigan's Automated Response Voice Interactive Network, a system that allows you to communicate with the UIA's computer by using a touch-tone or a push-button telephone with a tone/pulse switch (the switch must be set at "Tone"). Rotary or pulse telephones cannot interact with MARVIN. MARVIN uses digitized human speech to provide you with step-by-step instructions and information regarding your claim.

Michigan Department of Human Resources Assistance Programs
The Department of Human Services can help you and your family with temporary assistance when times are tough. Assistance with food, cash, child care, medical, home and burial and more are available.

Helping Hand
This site helps Michigan citizens facing economic hardship find the services they need. Simply click on one of the five tabs below for links to information about jobs and training, unemployment benefits, health care, family support, and housing.

Health Care Assistance
This tool will help you find the health insurance best suited to your needs, whether it's private insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses, or public programs that may work for you. It was created to help consumers under the health insurance reform law, the Affordable Care Act.

Children's Health Coverage Programs in Michigan
Medicaid and CHIP provide no-cost or low-cost health coverage for eligible children in Michigan. Even if your children have been turned down in the past or you don't know if they qualify, you may be able to get health coverage for them now.
Medicaid and CHIP provide health coverage for children so that they can get routine check-ups, immunizations and dental care to keep them healthy. They can also get doctor visits, prescription medications and hospital care when they're sick, and much more.

Medical Assistance
This site has links to other web pages with information and phone numbers for places with low cost or free health care, or help with health insurance.

Free or Low Cost Prescription Medication in Michigan

Additional Health Care Assistance
Essential health care coverage, such as Medical Assistance or Medicaid, is available to those who otherwise cannot afford it. Michigan has many health care programs available to children, families and adults who meet eligibility requirements. Each program has income limits and some have an asset limit - limits vary with each program.

If you need help with past, unpaid medical expenses, your coverage may begin three months before your application month. Ask your DHS specialist for more details. Once you have been determined eligible for Medicaid you will receive a mihealth card. Each member of the family receives his or her own card. Most people who receive Medicaid must join a health plan. You will need to show your mihealth card and your health plan card when you receive medical services.

No Child Left Behind Programs

Michigan Department of Education Resources

Capuchin Soup Kitchen - Detroit, Michigan - Children's Program

Food Assistance Programs

State of Michigan
Temporary food assistance for eligible low-income families and individuals is available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Use MI Bridges to see if you're eligible, apply for assistance and manage your account online.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen Meal Program

Child Support
Children need emotional and financial support from both parents. Even when a child's parents do not live together, it is important they work together to support and be a part of their child's life.

Regular payment of child and medical support provides:

  • Decreased conflict between parents.
  • Increased involvement of the non-custodial parents.
  • Increased chance of children reaching their full potential.
  • The State of Michigan can help parents establish a financial partnership to support their children. Learn more about the parent, employer, hospital and school services provided by Office of Child Support.

Medicare Information

Medicare Gov

Medicare Portal
Medicare's free, secure online service for accessing personalized information regarding your Medicare benefits and services.

Medicare Handbook
The official U.S. government handbook on Medicare in PDF format, 140 pages of information.

What is Medicare?

Medicare Help and Support
Forms, help, and resources for Medicare

Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor (MSPRC)
Have you reported your liability insurance, no-fault insurance, or workers' compensation case? This the first step in the Medicare Secondary Payer recovery process. Click to learn more.