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Do You Have Workers' Comp Problems?

  • Were you terminated right after a work injury?
  • Do you just want to settle your workers' comp claim and move on?
  • Paid, and then cutoff?
  • Never paid? The company ignored your work injury?
  • Disputed as being not work related?
  • Disputed as not disabling?
  • Did you suffer a job loss right after the injury?

Our workers comp attorneys can help! Representing Michigan workers is what the Law Offices of David Zimmerman specializes in. We have handled thousands of workers' comp claims, trials, and settlements all throughout Michigan and the Arenac County area - all counties in Michigan. Let the attorneys at the Law Offices of David Zimmerman navigate this complex workers' compensation system and get you the workman's comp benefits you deserve. We've represented clients at all of the Workers' Comp Bureaus in Michigan.

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What the Workers' Compensation Law Says in Michigan
In Arenac County, MI, many workers injured on the job are entitled to receive payment for their medical bills and 80% of their average weekly wage. Workers' compensation is designed to protect employers from being sued and provide monetary reimbursement to the worker who has been injured on the job. Remuneration from workers' compensation includes lost wages, medical reimbursement and vocational rehabilitation services. Survivors of those who died on the job can also file claims.

Michigan requires that all public employers have workers' compensation coverage and that private employers must provide coverage when:

  • They consistently employ three or more workers at one time
  • During the preceding 52 weeks, they have regularly employed at least one worker 35 hours or more per week for 13 weeks or longer

Unfortunately, it's hardly ever this simple. Mix in third party claims adjustors and insurance companies, or employers that try to bend the law, and soon even the simplest claims can become difficult and drawn out. Before you let a prolonged claim leave you and your family devastated, call on the expertise of our workman's comp lawyers for justice.

Our Workers' Compensation Attorneys Represent Injured Workers Only – Never Insurance Comapnies
Insurance companies have little or no compassion for the injured worker or their family. Plus, the insurance businesses have monetary and other resources that can put the worker or the working family in a financial hardship. Our law firm is here to offset company resources and to create a level playing field so that the law works in your favor.

No Fees - Unless a Workers' Compensation Recovery is Made
You are entitled to receive compensation benefits for many injuries sustained at work, particularly those that leave you disabled. If you were injured on the job, you may be legally entitled to workers' compensation. A good lawyer skilled in workers' compensation law is vital to protect your rights. Trying to handle your own workman's comp case in Michigan may be penny-wise - but pound foolish in the long run.

Hiring an attorney with our workers' compensation experience is critical in any of the following situations:

  • The employer denies you were injured on the job
  • The carrier has denied workman's comp claims
  • You cannot get medical treatment
  • You are not getting paid
  • The adjustor promises payment or care which never arrives
  • An attorney for the employer or insurance company contacts you and wants to take a deposition or statement
  • You want to sue a third person. You begin to represent yourself and you encounter someone on the other side who is particularly difficult and is trying to take advantage of your lack of legal expertise

The Law Firm of David Zimmerman, serving all of Michigan, and the Livonia area, is a specialty-service firm, with a number of sub-specialties all related to disability and injury law. Our workers' compensation attorneys represent the individuals and families that are disabled, never insurance companies. When you are looking for a specialty law firm that works on workers' comp claims, don't settle for less than an attorney that has handled your specific type of claim many times before. Let our lawyers help guide you through the system. Call toll-free for a free consultation with a MI workers' compensation lawyer. Call today for the worker's comp rights you are entitled to.

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The Law Offices of David Zimmerman has its headquarters in Sterling Heights, MI serving Arenac County, MI. Our attorneys specialize in workers' compensation (comp) law, social security disability law, negligence and personal injury law. Our workers' compensation lawyers regularly represent residents of the surrounding areas of Wayne County, Oakland County, Genesee County, St. Clair County, Ingham County, Lapeer County, Washtenaw County, and the entire State of Michigan.