10 Mar

Social Security disability attorney Michigan

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Basic questions that are asked by the judge at your Social Security Disability Hearing. Your testimony is crucial.
What is the maximum amount you can lift?
How far can you walk?

What do you do from the time that you get up in the morning until the time that you go to bed?

How long can you stand? How long can you sit?
What medications do you take and do you have any side effects?
Are you able to prepare meals at home? What household chores do you do?

Do you drive? Do you do Your own shopping?
Why did you stop working at your last job? Would you be able to do sedentary or light work?

The judge may ask you to list the impairments Or problems that prevent you from working.

These are the basic questions that many judges will ask at a Social Security disability hearing. In answering these questions you should answer the question directly and be able to give an example of how walking, lifting, doing chores exacerbates your issues. If you have problems with concentration, sleep, and or memory, you should be able to give the judge examples of how that affects you in your every day life and prevents you from working. The testimony that you give them your social security disability hearing, to the judge, is the most crucial factor in whether not you will be approved for Social Security disability benefits.

Knowing how to answer the questions at a Social Security disability hearing does not necessarily follow the rules of common sense. Therefore you should contact and experience Social Security attorney in Michigan to help you with your Michigan Social Security disability hearing.