04 Dec

Michigan workers comp lawyer and your company will not file a workers comp claim with their insurance company


What do you when you do when your hurt at work and your employer refuses to make a claim with its workers comp insurance carrier and or the State of Michigan

First,  you must give notice to your employer that you have been hurt at work. Michigan law states that you must give notice within 90 days of injuring yourself at work,  to your employer.  If you have given your employer notice and they flat out refuse  to contact their workers comp carrier, you should contact the state of Michigan and make your own claim.   There is a state form called “employees report of injury” and a process of information that the State of Michigan will take over the phone to get the claim started.

More and more  employers are asking their employees not to make a Worker’s Compensation claim. If they suggest this to you they are really suggesting that they do not have insurance or they are not willing to contact their workers comp insurance carrier. It is the employers duty with every work injury to contact their workers comp insurance carrier. Often employers delay giving notice to their insurance carrier or refused to give notice to their insurance carrier.

If you get the feeling, after giving notice to your employer of a work injury, that they are not filing the paperwork with the state of Michigan or with their insurance carrier please call my office immediately. I will help walk you through the process.

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