24 Feb

Michigan Workers Compensation Top Attorney in Michigan – Settlement

Settlements are usually how workers compensation cases in Michigan are resolved. About 95% of all cases are concluded with a redemption/settlement. The other 5% are trials or voluntary pay agreements. Voluntary pay agreements are when the injured employee returns to work for the same employer, where she/he was originally hurt or injured. Voluntary pay agreements calculate how much time the person missed, and any out of pocket expenses or mileage, and these owning monies are paid to the employee that has returned to work. This is often to referred to “a closed period.”

Now back to settlement/redemptions. We call them “redemptions” in the workers’ compensation area of law, but it is truly a full, final and complete settlement of all rights and claims. In Michigan, all benefits are usually closed with a redemption/settlement. Wage loss, and medical, are closed completely and forever. But don’t fear, after you settle a compensation case in Michigan you can go work anywhere, except for your former employer, you will sign a release that indicates that you will not reapply for work with them, as part of the settlement. Regarding medical benefits, after settlement, you can use Medicaid, Medicare or regular insurance through a new employer or through a spouse. We don’t have issues with people continuing to get treatment after a workers compensation settlement.